Security Executive Officer

Security Executive Officer

Need for Capable Security Officers at the leading edge Level The Asian country personal Security trade (PSI) is predicted to grow at concerning two hundredth CAGR due to the dynamical landscape of the arena in India. The PSI is amongst the largest employers in Asian country, using nearly eight.9 million individuals, with the potential to use three. 1 million additional at intervals future few years. there’s doubtless to be a demand of a minimum of ninety,000 Security Executives/officers for managing the guard force, additionally to the necessity of in-house executives/ officers for varied corporates/organizations within the close to term.

With this as a scene and as seen throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, effective management of security throughout that crucial amount has been a game changer and firms that have withstood the pandemic best and shown most resilience have had superb security management protocols,
processes and capable groups to implement them. to make on this and be future prepared, security groups need to have the desired responsibleness and responsibleness,
which depend upon having committed and capable staff. tho’ corporations could also be having capable senior level officers in their security verticals, there
is a would like felt to use young security officers at the leading edge level with the desired capabilities, United Nations agency can have heaps of motivation, drive and energy and also grow within the organization. sadly, this would like for capable officers at the leading edge level isn’t being met through professionally trained persons.

About the safety govt Course

06 months. elite participants can bear intensive coaching in modules as given below supported the liliopsid genus (ASIS Protection of Assets manual) that is
considered and recognised because the “Gold Standard” for the safety skilled worldwide. Participants are awarded Raxa certification on fortunate
completion of the course. the college would be the simplest within the business and extremely qualified (CPP/CFE/ professionals).

Course Content

  • Global and Indian Security Scenario
  • Organisations Dealing with National Security
  • Security Risk Management
  • Physical Security
  • Technical/Electronic/Systems Security
  • Information and Cyber Security
  • Intelligence Management
  • Investigation Management
  • Legal provisions in Security Management
  • Security Operations Management
  • Security Operations Officer
  • Emergency and Crisis Management & Business Continuity
  • Security Against Terrorist Activities, IEDs, Explosives
  • Basics of HR, Finance Management

Special Modules

  • Aviation Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Security in Banking and Financial Sector
  • Security in Hospitality Sector
  • Private Security Agencies Management

Outdoor Modules

  • Physical Training
  • Drill Training
  • UAC
  • Yoga
  • Route Marching/Trekking/Rock Climbing/Adventure Sports
  • Driving Train.