Security guard

Security guard

MCIPL robust personnel of well-trained security professionals’ work around the clock towards the common objective of securing assets, property and life. With a pointy focus on security, we have a tendency to extend our services in shut co-operation with customers, providing specialized and customized security has Airports, Multinationals, Hotels, Corporates, Pharmaceutical corporations, Power Plants, academic establishments, Manufacturing/Fabricating Industries.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Recruitment of Marshals/Security Guards

1. Introduction
MCIPL incorporated with Raxa Security Services Ltd, Bangalore came into existence from 29th July 2005. In the initial stage of establishment, the plan was to recruit the Raxa personnel called as “Marshals & Supervisors” for the exclusive security of GMR holdings. On implementation of min wages in Raxa, the Guard level personnel are known as Security Guards (SGs) & the recruitment will be done for SGs only
unless specified for Security Supervisors occasionally.

2. Objective
To streamline a specific procedure for recruiting unemployed youth for the post of SecurityGuards and supervisors strictly within the legal frame work.

3. Purpose

  • To mobilize the unemployed youth for giving employment as security Guards.
  • To mobilize the unemployed youth for employment after imparting required training, and making fit for the post of security Guard.
  • To screen the aspirants as per the requirement for a Security Guard.
  • To provide them with offer of appointment giving all the details /instructions.

4. Responsibility

  • Recruiting Officers so appointed for the purpose.
  • Location in-charges as detailed by Head Training and Recruitment as Recruiting Officers.
  • Head Trg. & over all responsible.

5. Activities

5.1 – The man-guarding team will put up the requirement of SGs state-wise 3 months prior to actual deployment catering for the gestation period required for recruitment & training the candidates.

5.2-  The Head training & Recruitment will plan mobilization & selection of SGs and give directions to the recruitment teams.

5.3-  On receipt of such information, the Recruitment team will plan the state-wise & region wise recruitment program and carry out mobilization & recruitment of candidates mainly under various Govt schemes.

5.4 – The following are the recruitment standards

5.4.1  Height: 167 cms. for all North Indian states except for hill region of Himachal, Garhwal/Kumaon, Assam/Arunachal Pradesh etc., where a concession of 1 cms is given, thus 166 cms. For all Southern states including Maharashtra & Orissa, a concession of 1 cms is given, thus 166 cms.

5.4.2  Qualification: 10th pass for Marshals & Graduation for Supervisors.

5.4.3  Age: 18 to 30.

5.4.4  Chest: 80 to 85.

5.5  The application forms along with the Bio data and the Xerox copies of the 10, 12th class & graduation certificates, along with the bio data & photographs are collected by the Recruitment Officers. The following steps are taken before conducting the interview.

5.5.1  Checking of Height, Weight, Chest, Age, Knock Knee & Flat foot.

5.5.2  Checking of palm, eyes, teeth to know the habit of chewing tobacco, pan, gutka & smoking habits etc. reading & writing test, Examining the body structure, look, speaking test and running test for a short distance & Checking of original marks cards & certificates.

5.6  After all the completion of above tests, if the candidates are found fit for the interview, the candidates are explained about the service conditions.

  • All India postings
  • Depositing of original certificates till the completion of training.
  • Salary structure
  • Deduction of PF & ESI & take home pay
  • Insurance coverage
  • 8 hours’ duty & a weekly off
  • Leave
  • Payment by individuals for food & accommodation being provided centrally.
  • 30 working days training at Raxa Academy with free food & accommodation, except where the training is for a longer period due to conditions of some Govt. schemes, adverse weather
    conditions/Administrative requirements.
  • After explaining the above conditions, “it is mandatory for candidates to give their consent on the below points.
  • I am ready to work anywhere in India
  • I know that how munch salary I am getting on hand
  • I am ready to deposit my original certificates till the completion of training.

5.7 The candidates who are ready for all the above conditions will appear before the selection board, only the interested & smart candidates with good communication skills are finally selected to undergo training. Normal selection is expected to be 40% of the total candidates appearing for the interview.

5.8 The selected candidates are issued with offer of appointment letter directing him to report for undergoing training, by giving all the details of appointment.

5.9 The same procedure is being followed for the selection of Lady Marshal/Supervisors with relaxation in height at 160 cms & above.

Standard Briefing Points

The common and standard briefing points (Offer letter & briefing points prepared by HR and approved by the steering committee) to be explained by the Recruiting Officers to all candidates are as under –

1. PAN India recruitment and deployment

2. Posting will be based on Business requirement, choice posting (out of 3 choices) and Merit to be drawn at Academy towards the end of training.

3. Salary will be as per Minimum Wages of the deployed State.

4. Wage increase is linked to minimum wage increase (annual / half yearly) by respective State/Central Governments. Hence, NO separate annual increment.

5. Candidates who are interested / prepared to join Central Para Military Forces, State Police and Armed Forces will be given opportunity to attend recruitment / interview.

6. 30 working days training at Raxa Academy and 15 days on-the-job training at field Units.

7. Wages will be paid from the date of reporting at Units.

8. Clusters and Pay details

Clusters States / Regions Approx. CTC
Approx. Take Home after PF & ESI remittance

I – Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra
(Central / Guard board / Zone I) 12K 7.5K
II – Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra, Maharashtra (State / Zone II) 10K 7 K

9. Amount deducted for PF at the rate of 12% will be credited to the Employees PF account, which amounts to a min of Rs.2000/- per month.

10. One-time non-refundable Security deposit of Rs.3000/- will be deducted from first monthly salary – Rs.1500/- towards Uniform expenses & Rs.1500/- towards mess expense.

11. Accommodation and messing will be centralized facility. Candidates to pay for accommodation / food facility

12. Employees completing 3 years’ service will be paid one-time incentive of Rs.1500/-.

2. Other General Points:

13. Recruitment officer will be nominated by Head Training & Recruitment.

14. Each offer letter will be signed by Recruitment officer himself with details of his name & designation clearly written. and Srl number should be given and the same should be kept as record.

15. Above guidelines are applicable to field officers also assigned for recruitment duties.

16. No recruitment officer shall deviate from any of the guidelines & confirm in writing at the end of recruitment declaring that there is no deviation.

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